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High-Quality Dolomite Powder Anand Talc

Dolomite is named after the French mineralogist named Dolomieru. Dolomite is a natural stone with double carbonate of calcium and magnesium having the composition (CaCO3. MgCO3). It is formed in nature by the action of magnesium-bearing solution (seawater, underground water or hydrothermal solution) on calcite — the process being called dolomitization. Dolomite is a widely occurring mineral, generally mined from shallow depths.

 We use the best quality machines to ensure the quality of our Dolomite mineral. We have carved a niche as one of the leading Dolomite Powder Manufacturer in India. In nature, considerable variations in the composition of dolomite relating to lime and magnesia percentages are found.

Dolomite mineral usually contains impurities, chiefly silica, alumina and iron oxide. For commercial purposes, the percentage of combined impurities should not go beyond 7% above which, it becomes unsuitable for industrial use. It is then used only for road ballasts, building stones, flooring chips etc.

Dolomite is a calcium magnesium carbonate mineral that has numerous qualities like calcite. In spots where admittance to limestone is absent or are extravagant, dolomites are utilized in its place for the essential materials from which most structure stone and a critical level of squashed stone are delivered. Anand Talc is one of the main Dolomite Powder Suppliers in the Philippines and Dolomite Powder Manufacturer in the Philippines.

The basic contrasts among dolomite and calcite drive the applications for dolomite. Dolomite is picked for a few development and building item applications due to its expanded hardness and thickness. Solid applications favor dolomite as filler for their higher strength and hardness. Anand Talc is the best Dolomite Powder Exporter in the Philippines and Dolomite Powder Manufacturers.

Highlights of Dolomite:

•          Wettability

•          Dispersibility

•             High explicit gravity

•             High mass thickness

•             Less receptive

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