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Jaisalmer Desert Camp- Enjoy amazing Jaisalmer with Marvin Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is the land of kings and palaces. The uncountable sand dunes of Jaisalmer get geometrically coated with golden hues in the sunset, which makes it the perfect picturesque location. Jaisalmer Desert Camp has a touch of royal Rajasthani culture, exuding a feeling of Rajputana heritage in its premises.

Jaisalmer Desert Camp is a getaway for people looking for an exciting desert camp adventure. Marvin Jaisalmer has a number of beautifully decorated traditionally furnished tents that are surrounded by small huts. The huts have both private and shared rooms available. Desert Safari in Jaisalmer is the glamorous way of exploring the Great Indian Desert. Our Camps are completely private with a Camping site cottage tent in Jaisalmer.

 The Jaisalmer Desert Camp is a haven for travelers who wish to explore this city in the most pleasant way possible. It offers the guests a uniquely designed luxury temporary accommodation with Luxury Cottage Tents in Jaisalmer and houses a team of dedicated individuals with a flair for fine service. In fact, it is one of those places where the experience is everything; the beautiful sunshine, the sound of the wind, the spectacular view of beautiful sand dunes, evocative food, and an idyllic location – all combine to create a memorable visitor experience that will leave the guests wanting to come back again and again.

Marvin Jaisalmer Desert Camp is the best place to meet the charming and exuberant desert dwellers of Rajasthan. Marvin Jaisalmer- Best desert camping in Jaisalmer offers you the most exciting and enriching experiences of your life in the golden city of Jaisalmer. Since it is among one of the last remaining true traditional cities in India, you can interact with locals and learn about their way of life. Jaisalmer Desert Camp tour package is the dream trip for all of us that would like to feel the flavor of this place in our life. Desert Camp gives you an unforgettable and amazing experience to discover deserts in a luxurious way. This camp provides you everything you want to enjoy such as Indian cuisine, staying in tents, camel safari, jeep safari, sightseeing, and much more fun activities.

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