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Top 4 Reasons Why You’ll Fall in Love with Jawai Jungle Safari

Jawai, being one of the most popular wildlife and ecotourism destinations in India, gets everyone’s attention thanks to its jungle safari, activities, and photography opportunities making it a perfect weekend getaway spot. Jawai not only lures people with its mesmerizing scenic beauty but also surprises us with its rich wildlife and tribal culture. It is known as the house of wild nature on earth. So, if you’re planning to make a trip here, then no doubt Jawai should be your first preference.

Jawai Leopard Safari

Jawai Leopard area is actually a part of Western Ghats. The lofty mountains with their abundant vegetation have several natural springs and streams. Jawai Leopard Camp Safari is one of the best areas to spot the leopards, as the thick canopy of trees and rugged terrain makes it ideal for them to live in.

Jawai Temples

Jawai is a lush green forest in India and is also known as the ‘Jungle’. There are many old temples located here, which have immense cultural values. Jawai Jungle safari is one of the most attractive activities for travelers who wish to enjoy the natural beauty of this place.

Jawai Village Safari

Jawai village Safari is a fun-filled activity for your entire family. Jawai Village safari is famous for its lush multi-hued jungle carpet that spreads all over the valley, only an hour away from the bustling city. The village is also known as the home of venomous snakes and wetland crocodiles. It will be a memorable place for you where you can enjoy your holidays and make your trip worth with fun-filled experiences which you might not find elsewhere.

Jawai Dam

Jawai Dam is a dam built on Jawai in Rajasthan, India. There are numerous temples found around the reservoir area. This place is a suitable tourist destination because of its amazing features. There are lodges and hotels also available for tourists all over India.

If you’re one of those tourists who like to explore everything that a place has to offer then the Jawai Tour Packages is just for you. At Jawai Safari Lodge, you’ll experience a true setting while you stay at our luxury tented camp. We have created an expansive and innovative tent accommodation that is unlike anything you may have experienced before.

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