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What is more important for the company registration in Dubai

What is more important for the company registration in Dubai official documents than others? The first and foremost thing that is required is the membership certificate. The certificate must be issued from “Dubai Chamber of Commerce” unless you wish to have a license or a representative office only. If you are setting up an independent non-profit organization then you only need to provide the copy of articles of association, but in case of any profit making company other than a branch office, the additional document may be deeds. The deed would support your ownership on the property.

Ever since Dubai has been announced as the future of economy, business and industrial service in United Arab Emirates, several people have dubbed Dubai as “the city of the future”. The city has undergone a huge growth in real estate, non-oil and oil business. UAE companies have so far had a good performance for the year 2009-2010 making it possible to merge into new businesses or company registrations in Dubai.

As far as setting a business to operate in Dubai is concerned, the government has made the manner of operation very simple and not so difficult. But it is important to know how you want to run your business or your plan while setting up your enterprise in this beautiful Emirate. According to UAE government issued guidelines, the general steps are outlined below

  1. Select the type of business you wish to conduct in Dubai.
  2. Trademark and register the name of the company.
  3. Select the location of the Company headquarters, preferably choose a place that optimizes profits and lowers costs.
  4. Obtain the requisite licenses and permits.
  5. Make sure your visa is valid and current.
  6. Have all the documents in order and submit it to the relevant authority.

Highly recommended practice in the UAE is hiring of Business consultants. These business setup consultancies assist you in all the procedures of company registration.

Xpert Advisory is a premier Company Registration in Dubai Airport Free Zone. They will help with getting your documents validated and approved as they require individual permissions. Apart from that, all activities pertaining to business setup, including procuring local sponsorship and license renewals. For a hassle- free start in Dubai hire KWS Middle East and have the best team at your beck and call.

Contact Xpert Advisory and get a free consultation with leading experts of business setups today.

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