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Pyrophyllite Powder Supplier Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Pyrophyllite powder is a special kind of powder that is especially used in sectors like the refractories, ceramic and paints, and even in the rubber and plastic industries. The Pyrophyllite powder and lumps usually contain a high amount of aluminum having a very low pH value and with extraordinary whiteness.. It Is used in various Industries. Anand Talc is the leading Pyrophyllite Powder Manufacturer in India.

Pyrophylite Powder uses in Different Industry

Uses in Refractory Industry

The Pyrophyllite powder can be used for manufacturing and designing refractories for the various thermal and electrical furnaces. It has a variety of properties like good thermal conductivity, unusual whiteness, low absorption and high purity.

Uses in Paint Industry

Pyrophyllite is a medium-grade ore used in paint manufacture. Its whiteness, particle size and oil absorption capacity are the main factors affecting its selection as a paint filler. High whiteness pyrophyllite, with low oil absorption and low acid solubility, performs successfully in the paint industry as it does not alter the basic performance of the paint.

Uses in Ceramic Industry

Pyrophyllite powder is primarily used as a raw material for manufacturing of hafnium oxide ceramics and silicone carbide ceramics. Pyrophyllite powder is an engineered product obtained by milling of natural materials like chert and opal. Anand Talc is leading Pyrophyllite Powder Supplier For Ceramic Industry In India

Uses in Agriculture industry

Pyrophylite in agriculture is used as a fertilizer carrier for the agricultural industry. Farmers apply the chemical of their choice on the pyrophyllite which then gets absorbed by the plant through its roots and stems. By using pyrophyllite as a carrier, farmers save money that would otherwise be spent on fertilizers.

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