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5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Next Safari Stay at Jawai, Rajasthan

Jawai, Rajasthan is a small village at the foothill of the Aravalis (mountains) and is one of those peaceful places where it’s easy to forget that you are in Rajasthan. The place is just perfect for the perfect Safari experience with its sprawling savannas, dense forests, and serene locations in the Aravalli Mountains. Upon arriving at Jawai, Rajasthan, you can reserve yourself for an adventure of a lifetime that will leave you spellbound! Get ready to explore the unique wildlife of this region on safari.

Luxury camp

When it comes to luxury camping safaris in India, there are not so many locations that can provide you the best luxury camping experience. But Jawai is one place, which you can consider visiting and enjoy your camping safaris. People from any part of the world love to come here to have their own holiday, as this place provides them with complete serenity and calmness. Jawai safari has a golden landscape that includes lush green forest along with lakes and rivers.

Adventurous leopard safari at jawai

Surrounded by the beauty of majestic nature, Jawai Leopard Reserve presents the most thrilling Jawai leopard camp safari in India. The jungle trip is excellent and camping facilities are very good with modern likes room and bathroom. Visitors are guaranteed the excitement of spotting beautiful leopards in their natural habitat. You can Explore jawai with unforgettable experience by booking the safari online through Jawai Safari Lodge.

Rajasthani food at jawai

Rajasthani cuisine reflects the cultural heritage and regional diversity of the state in India. Over the years, with Rajasthanis being spread across all continents, their food has evolved to suit local tastes and encounters with other cuisines. Jawai offers delicious Rajasthani food that will satiate your taste buds.

Jawai Temples

It is the very place from where Rajasthan gets its biggest attraction, the marvelous Rajasthan tourism. It is the home of the most unique temples built years ago. They were made for the prosperity of the village people.

Jawai Village Safari

Jawai is a small village famous for its unique culture. The people of jawai village are always ready to welcome guests and tourists with open hearts. Jawai village safari is among the most famous tourist attractions in Rajasthan. The villages in this region are connected by rivers, forests as well as a collection of broken mounds.

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