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Top 4 company formation consultants in Dubai

Company formation is an important way to start your business. Our aim is to help people finding suitable and professional company formation consultants in Dubai based on recommendations by real customers. Some consultants are totally experts in company formation in Dubai; they don’t do anything other than the company formation and incorporation process. Find out the expert company formation advisor and Top 4 Company formation consultants in Dubai to contact for your business setup requirements.

Xpert Advisory

The company formation process is complex in Dubai and it requires the services of the best consultants who can do this work perfectly. Xpert Advisory is such a company that offers legal company formation services to people with high quality. Their services are very simple, fast and convenient. They also provide hassle-free services at a cheap cost.


Kiltons is a Dubai-based company formation consultant in UAE that provides one–stop solutions for all the Company Formation requirements.  They have end-to-end expertise in this business. Their team of professionals ensures they provide the best quality of services to clients. Their business consultants are experts to guide you through the complicated registration of the company process.

Riz and Mona Consultancy

Riz and Mona Consultancy is the top leading company formation consultant in Dubai. Riz and Mona Consultancy is a premier full-service provider of legal, accounting, and financial advisory services. They provide permanent and temporary residence solutions for investors and companies alike. They offer unique packages for different types of businesses such as offshore companies, Special Economic Zones (SEZs), and international trading locations such as Dubai.

IMC Group

IMC Group is one of the leading company formation consultants in UAE. They have a team of professionals who are truly dedicated to providing the best services in forming new companies.  They ensure that all the stakeholders are legally protected throughout the formation process. Whether you wish to start your own company as a sole proprietor or wish to form a limited liability partnership or incorporate a private entity, their experts will help you throughout the process.


Unit No. 511 Level 5, A3 Building Dubai South Business Park Dubai

 +971 04 8879967

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