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Best Quality of Dolomite Powder supplier in India

Dolomite Powder is a Carbonate of Calcium and magnesium, which is quite similar to limestone. Dolomite Powder has a fine crystalline structure with high brightness and so it can be used in paints, dyes, and in many other industrial applications. It has extensive application in steel plants, ceramic tiles, plastics, and paper industries. It has very good exterior durability and so it has good application in exterior paints. We are Dolomite Powder Exporter For Paper Industry In India

We have dolomite powder in India which is widely used for construction purposes, agriculture, and landscaping. The chemical properties of this powder help to improve the soil quality. It also acts as good fertilizer and source of calcium carbonate. We offer natural dolomite powder in different grades as per their usage and requirement. Anand Talc is one of the leading Dolomite Powder Suppliers in India and Dolomite Powder Manufacturer in India

Dolomite is hard Mineral and it has low oil absorption that why it is used in various industry. Thus it imparts scrub resistance to the paint it help durability to paint.

Properties of Dolomite Powder

  • Less Reactive
  • Better acid resistance
  • Increases flow rate because of high Bulk density
  • It is poor conductor of electricity
  • It has Tactile Property it is slightly rough and abrasive

Industrial Application

Paints Industry: Used widely in cement paints, exterior paints, primers, putties, powder      

Agriculture Industry:  Used as soil conditioner.

Plastic Industry: Used in PVC footwear, PVC Pipes, cables and others.

Paper Industry:  Used as integral filler in paper to give smoothness and gloss.

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