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Explore every corner of Jaisalmer with Marvin Jaisalmer

desert camp in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer highly depends upon tourists from around the world. The golden city has innumerable places to visit and explore. For an enthralling time traveling through Jaisalmer’s heritage hotels, monuments and ancient forts are like a delightful dip in the ocean for people exploring Jaisalmer.

For people who like to enjoy themselves with family and kids this place is the one-stop destination. Marvin Jaisalmer, Camping site cottage tent in Jaisalmer have luxury tents available, in which people can enjoy with their family for a long time. The cottages are well equipped and fully furnished flats, which have all basic facilities available at the camping site. You can book the cottage in advance so that you can enjoy your visit in full swing rather than waiting.

So, when you plan your trip to the city of Jaisalmer then a camel safari really should be one of the major items on your itinerary. The best part about this tour is that you will be able to witness the glory of varied landscapes accompanied by the undying camels who would carry you from one place to another with ease. Camel safari in Jaisalmer is the best way to explore the desert, sand dunes, and the heritage of Jaisalmer. Here you can view the slice of life as desert people live in it with their culture and traditions.

Marvin Jaisalmer has the best Fusion restaurant in Jaisalmer. Having a most wanted food menu for all the sort of foodie is something that makes this restaurant trending on foodie talks. It is a restaurant with its roots in traditional Indian cooking, yet it offers a truly modern and innovative take on mealtime. It can be really interesting to try out different dishes and get a taste of the spices and flavors that embrace these meals. It is one of the perfect places where people can enjoy delicious food with an amazing flavor.

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