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Why outdoor games are necessary for the upcoming generation?

Kids nowadays are fed with new technology and innovations like computers, mobile, gaming consoles, etc. Playing outdoor games and sports in the fresh air is a crucial part of growing up but unfortunately, most of the kids are not aware of such advantages. Playing outdoors is good for your health and a lot of fun.   But some people are against the concept because they argue that kids playing outdoors may put themselves in danger. There are ethical and moral reasons as well, which hold great importance for coming generations. As a society, we must promote outdoor games over indoor ones to allow children to realize their full potential physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally.

It’s an undeniable fact that the younger generation is too addicted to video games. In recent years gaming industry has made huge revenue. Video games are now sold online and they are easily downloaded on electronic devices such as a mobile, tablet, etc. Kids are happier and healthier when they’re allowed to play outside. But the nature of our lives now means we don’t often have time to get outside – and that’s a problem. No amount of bags of crisps or chocolate bars will fix this. In the long-term, it’s going to be better for our children if they can lead an active lifestyle.

Once you start playing outdoor games, you will be stronger physically. Outdoor games are gaining immense popularity among children for their best result on the child’s health.  Outdoor games have a bigger scope and thus important for a child’s development. The knowledge of various outdoor games is necessary for each and every person. Through outdoor games, the positive attitude of a person in life increases as well as increases physical strength.

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