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eCommerce Personalization: A Trend That Will Get Past Traditional Commerce in 2021

With consumers expecting and demanding personalized experiences across all channels, traditional commerce is being replaced by personalized commerce. It was recently researched the ecommerce personalization trend and the results are eye-opening.

In a nutshell, eCommerce personalization is the use of information about an individual’s (or group’s) tailored preferences so as to affect their shopping experiences. This can be achieved through data analysis and also through use of artificial intelligence driven platforms. Customers want to shop at places they already trust. As a result, personalized services are more likely to win the game against traditional commerce and eCommerce personalization is becoming a trend that’s expected to get past traditional commerce by 2021.

Ever since social media has incepted, traditional commerce started coming up with innovative ways to outdo the competition. Ecommerce is no stranger to this trend as it has grown exponentially and is still improving. With newer ecommerce trends coming up every day, it can seem daunting to cater to a diverse range of customers looking for the right product. And this is where ecommerce personalization comes into play! A trend in the eCommerce industry that could eventually replace traditional brick and mortar retail is personalization. As online shoppers are more inclined to purchase from a company that provides them with an experience that reflects who they are, retail companies have been taking steps to improve their services and make it easier for customers to interact with their brands.

Personalization has been in full boom in the last ten years, and with it, we have moved from a traditional commerce (based on the push system) to a new commerce which is based on the pull system. The pull system depends more than the push one on the customers’ desires to buy our products, as they are directly involved not just in browsing, but also in choosing. Therefore we can even say that personalized sites help you to build customer loyalty.

It’s true that personalization may seem to be a passing trend. A fancy word used by marketers and SEOs alike to make their jobs more fun and cool. But this isn’t bogus. There are real results you can achieve through the personalization of your e-commerce website and this is an important trend every e-business should focus on in 2021. In fact, it can turn into a game changing development, taking your business forward faster than you expected. Businesses running an online store have always been reluctant to invest time and money into personalization and offering the kind of experience that is the new norm for eCommerce shoppers.

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