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Udaipur Local Sightseeing Tour

Udaipur is dotted with the Aravalli Hills, gorgeous lakes, topiaries and wonderfully bright gardens and that’s exactly what you will experience when you venture out on a local sightseeing tour of Udaipur. The kind of tour offered by us guarantees that you get to experience everything Rajasthan has to offer.Our guided city sightseeing tours give you the chance to explore Udaipur in all its hues and hollowness. With a rewarding cultural break mid-way, it gives you an insight into the bustling lifestyle of the city. Come enjoy your personal holiday with us. Once you enter the portals of Udaipur local sightseeing tour packages that we have designed with the best taxi service in Udaipur for local sightseeing tours, you must never forget to make a trip to various historical places so that you can come back here again and again.

Udaipur City Palace

The city palace is built in an area of 5048 square meters and serves as the royal residence for the King of Mewar. It houses the rare collections of antiques from Cochin, Bikaner, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Tanjore. The museum also has displays covering traditional costumes, old vintage photographs and weapons. The large complex houses several small palaces along with four main palaces and a museum that displays rare artefacts.

Taj Lake Palace

The palace was designed by a French engineer and is a unique fusion of Rajasthani architectural styles along with medieval European ones. Well, being built on an island in the middle of the Lake Pichola it’s pretty obvious that the way to reach it is by boat! On an island near Jag mandir in Lake Pichola, it was built during 1743 and 1746.

Jag Mandir

Jag Mandir is a palace that sits on the Mandir Island located in Lake Pichola. This palace is built in the Rajput architectural style. Jag Mandir is also known as the Lake Garden Palace. It has colorful towers and battlements with hundreds of windows and doors. Jag Mandir ranks high in terms of architectural brilliance and maze like interiors.

Monsoon Palace / Sajjangarh Palace Udaipur

Monsoon Palace is another place to visit on your Udaipur local Sightseeing tour packages. Offering a stunning view of the city, this palace was used as the monsoon resort and a hunting lodge. Built by Maharana Sajjan Singh of Mewar Kingdom in 1884, this palace is also known as Sajjan Garh Palace. The palace is designed in the Renaissance-style, and took eight years to be completed. This palace has 127 rooms, 40 bathrooms, and 19 toilets.

Ahar Cenotaphs and Ahar Museum

The Ahar Cenotaphs and Ahar Museum are located in the Maharana Pratap Rural University campus and offer a spectacular glimpse into Mewar’s history. Consisting of more than 372 cenotaphs, most of which have epitaphs inscribed on both sides, this site is said to be constructed over 400 years ago. The cenotaphs were built as memorials to the royalty of Mewar, a region that was ruled by the Sisodia dynasty from 734 AD to 1948 AD. The museum also exhibits a rich collection of rare artefacts related to the historical legacy of Mewar, including jewellery from different religions.

Lake Pichola

The Lake Pichola, Rajasthan is a stunning natural artificial freshwater lake of India. Named after the village Picholi which is located nearby, this lake was built by Maharana Udai Singh in 1362 AD. The major tourist attractions near the lake are– City Palace on eastern banks of Lake Pichola and island palaces of Jag Mandir and Jag Niwas. Boat ride in Lake Pichola is one of the most popular things to do in Udaipur Lake District.


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