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Yoga: A Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

The benefits of practising Yoga and Meditation in our daily lives are innumerable.  We all might have heard this statement – “Health is Wealth”. This is true because each and every individual wants to be healthy to lead a prosperous life. If a person stays healthy, he could be able to enjoy the comforts of his life. If a person is healthy, he will not take any medicines regularly and hence, no additional burden on his pocket as well.

There are many problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, headache and much more which have become a part of our lives. To find a solution to these issues, people are looking here and there but they are unable to find the best solution.

There are so many things we cannot control in our life. But one thing which is in your control is how you choose to digest them. So, don’t stress about things that you cannot change, and focus on bringing positive change in the aspects of life that you can actually handle.

Yoga has a lot of positive effects on our body and mind. It helps us to relieve both physical stress and mental tension. It offers us a unique way to achieve balance, peace, and stability. It also enhances our body’s functions like organ functioning, digestion, blood circulation, respiration, etc.

Yoga is a part of overall healthy lifestyle. Daily yoga practice leads to sound health and well-being. In today’s busy life, sometimes we neglect our health or have limited time to follow up healthy lifestyle. Yoga can be practiced according to one’s preference, whether at home or in the yoga studio. Many people living away from home find home practice more convenient because it helps them exercise daily even with their busy schedule. Besides common diseases like joint pain and respiratory disorders, yoga can also be used as one of the treatment options for breast cancer (BC) patients undergoing radiation therapy. Yoga is one such exercise that does not have any age restrictions. Any age group can do this. Yoga was derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means ‘to unite or to integrate’. It is a 5000-year-old Indian spiritual and ascetic discipline. It is a way to harmonize the body with mind and breath by various breathing exercises, yoga poses, and meditation. A few hundred years ago, people who practiced yoga, lived for a long time without any health problems.

There are various health benefits of practicing yoga. Here are a few benefits of yoga:

Proven effective for weight loss and back pain

Relaxes mind and body

Boosts immunity

Improves sleep quality

Improves breathing

Reduces stress

Improves posture

Relieves anxiety

Improves self-control

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