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Best Healthy Snack Ideas That Are Easy & Delicious In 2021

Baked Soya Chips

How to Choose Healthy Snacks that Don’t Taste Like Cardboard: A blog around healthy snacks and how to incorporate them in your diet but also talking about what makes a snack truly healthy.

Do you need gluten-free snacks, or are you just looking for healthy snack ideas packed with protein and not too much sugar?

Whether you’re a purist who only eats whole foods, a foodie looking for new ideas, or a busy on-the-go professional, there’s a healthy snack on this list for everyone.

And you can filter through the list of healthy & filling snacks to find the best ones for you.

Top Rated Healthy Snack Ideas:

Baked Quinoa chips:

Its an enjoyable healthy alternative to standard snack, quinoa peri-peri are loaded with goodness of super grains & great source of proteins, fibre & vitamin b.


1. High in Dietary Fibre

2. It Strengthens Bones

3.  Helps in weight loss

4. Helps in maintaining blood sugar level

5. Perfect for growth of children


Quinoa flour, urad dal flour, rice flour, topico startch, edible refined oil(sprayed to induce flavour), peri-peri seasoning salt & spices

Nutritional Values:

Energy-530Kcal, Protien-8.85g, carbohydrates-64.2g, fat-28.1g, trans fat-0g

Baked Jowar Chips (Millet sorghum):

It is associated with lower levels of bad LDL cholesterol, protecting the body against onset of cardiovascular diseases


1. Gluten Free

2. contains excellent Fiber content

3. Rich in Anti-oxidant

4. helps in Diabetes Control

5. Rich source of Vitamin-B


Jawar flour, urad-daal, Tapioca, oil(sprayed to induce flavour) ,salt and spiced

Nutrition Value:

Energy-334.13kcal, protein-1g, fat-1.7g, carbohydrates-18.6g, fiber-3.7g, Potassium-74mg

Baked Palak Chips:

Enjoy this mouth-watering flavor of baked pani-puri chips. A healthy snack with a low-calorie which is baked and perfect for a healthy snack.


1.  Excellent Source of Biotin 

2. Stimulate the immune system.

3. High in protein

4. Gluten Free

5. Helps lowering bad cholestrol.

6. Helps in weight-loss.


Urad dal, Tapioca, Dry palak-powder, oil(sprayed to induce flavour) , salt and spices

Nutrition Values:

Energy(kcal)- 410kcal, Carbohydrates-61g, fat-14g, protein-12g

Baked Soya Chips:

Desire for something crunchy & Healthy ? Baked Soya Chips  are a nutrition powerhouse.They are rich in protein, fibers, healthy fats and other essential nutrients that your body needs for good health.


1. Soya helps in cancer prevention.

2. Helps lowering bad cholestrol.

3. Helps in weightloss.

4. Low fat baked alternative for traditional high fat chips.


Soya bean flour, urad daal, tapioca Starch, edible vegetable oil (spray to induce flavour)

, black til, milk solids, salt.

Nutitional Values (per 100gm):

Energy(kcal)-510,carbohydrates(g) – 58.1,fat(g)-27.8, protein(g) – 6.9, sugar(g) – 0.00


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