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What is Calcite Powder?

Calcite powder is combination of natural calcium and carbonate. It is commonly found in water and fire extinguisher. It dissolves with various form of acid like, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and carbonic acid. In nature it gives an extreme white color with very high purity. Calcite powder mainly used in food, construction, chemical industries etc.

Calcite Powder Market Overview: Calcite powder is increasing its market share as it is the best material for toothpaste, cosmetics, marble etc. In the worldwide Calcite Powder market the use of minerals for cosmetic is increasing due to the presence of chemical properties.

We are one of the most prominent and quality oriented Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Calcite Powder supplier for cosmetic Industry in India. We are offering a wide range of Calcite Mineral Powder in coated as well as uncoated form. Our esteemed clients can avail these calcite powders in different mesh sizes including 100 Mesh Calcite Powder, 200 Mesh Calcite Powder, 250 Mesh Calcite Powder, 300 Mesh Calcite Powder, 400 Mesh Calcite Powder, 500 Mesh Calcite Powder and so on. These high-quality calcites are widely used in various industries for diverse applications. We are offering world class Calcite Powder in market at competitive price. The offered powder is known for its purity and bright color. Our Calcite Market, Udaipur is able to provide a huge variety of calcite powder to its customers.

Calcite Powder Applications in various industries like:

1) Paints, Inks, Powder Coating and Ceramic Industry

2) Rigid PVC pipes

3) LDPE master batches

4) Oil Exploration / Oil Drilling

5) Welding Rods

6) Automotive and Furniture compounds

7) Rubber Industry

8) Leather Cloth Industry

9) As a flux in Glass Industry and in sizing of Textile goods.


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