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Myths And Facts Regarding Hotel And Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is one of the largest industries in existence, but it is susceptible to certain myths. The hospitality industry is constantly evolving. This means that you are going to run into a lot of new developments and trends while also being exposed to myths. You should always go into any new situation with some facts about it from your research so that you know what to expect when you encounter these new myths. AHA Kota is leading Hotel Management Colleges in Kota.

Once you have made up your mind and decided to start your career in this booming industry, you must be aware of all the myths associated with it. There are certain facts and myths that surround the hospitality industry. The main aim of this article is to clear the air surrounding the hospitality industry myths.

Below are some important facts about the hotel jobs industry.

  • There will be more than 337 million estimated hospitality sector job openings by 2023 in developing countries.
  • The hotel and catering sector will need 1.05 million people in 10 years.
  • Despite a downturn in worldwide business, the industry is expected to grow at 3% annually.

MYTH- Wages are low

In the hotel business, entry-level employees may earn modest salaries.  The average pay for hospitality managers in India is around Rs. 4,85,386. Hotelling business is well paid, as a general term; the average pay is determined by levels of experience and expertise required.

MYTH- Only Women Work in Hospitality

The hospitality industry is a truly diverse one that offers entry-level positions such as cleaning and housekeeping to sales agents, food service managers, and even resort managers. The opportunities for advancement within hospitality are abundant, given the competitive hiring practices found in the current job market.

MYTH- Hospitality Industry and Hotel Industry are the Same Thing

The hotel industry employs thousands of people, including chefs, drivers, and hosts. These workers provide a service to hotel patrons which includes, but is not limited to room service, clean rooms, and providing directions. The hospitality industry has become a major component of the tourism industry as a whole.The tourism and hospitality industries are intertwined in many ways, including the fact that they are often viewed synonymously


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