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Things to Keep in Mind while cleaning Bone Inlay furniture

 This kind of craftsmanship has been around for a very long time as evidenced by many pieces still available which were made hundreds, even thousands of years ago. The techniques used in creating bone inlay furniture have changed little over the years and the process is still done entirely by hand. The following will be a guide that will help you get into learning about bone inlay furniture and how to take care of it so you can get many years of enjoyment from it.

Regular & Proper Cleaning

If you have a piece of bone inlay furniture and want to maintain its original luster, the first thing you need to do is learn the best practices for regular cleaning and maintenance. It is essential to care for this type of furniture on a regular basis. Proper cleaning will prevent damage to the bone inlay and keep your furniture looking new longer. Satkabir Art and Craft provides the best Bone Inlay furniture in India.

Use Mild Cleaners for Cleaning

Cleaning bone inlay furniture is an important part of preserving the value of your investment and keeping it looking its best. Bone inlay furniture can get very dirty and damaged from regular use. First, don’t use any harsh chemical cleaners on it because they can remove the finish or discolor it. Second, use a soft brush like a child’s toothbrush to get into every nook and cranny of the work and apply your soap solution onto it. Hemstitch, hand carving, and scrollwork require a little extra attention because these are usually more intricate than some of the other aspects of your piece. Get Bone inlay console table India from Satkabir Art and Crafts.

Avoid Longer Exposure to Water

The bone material that is used in these pieces could be affected if the wood absorbs too much moisture. If the wood does absorb water, the bone inlay could become loose and discolored. For cleaning, use a clean, dry cloth and wipe with a gentle motion. Water can lead to discoloration, and if exposed for a long time, the bone inlay can be permanently damaged. Buy Bone inlay bedside India from Satkabir Art and Crafts.

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