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What are the applications of quartz powder?

Quartz powder is a kind of inorganic compound material of the chemical elements silicon and oxygen (SiO2). Quartz powder has many application areas. It belongs to the most widely-used material that people can see or touch. Quartz powder is the most widely spread form of quartz, its most common application is for adding strength or support, inhibiting corrosion, and in case of parts where welding is necessary. Quartz powder is often placed between metal parts to ease joining them by diffusion welding.

Quartz Powder is a special kind of powder, which is made of quartz by advanced technology. There are two kinds of quartz powder. They are natural quartz powder and synthetic quartz powder. Quartz powder is widely used in glass, ceramics, metallurgy, and engineering. Quartz powder is widely used in coating powder, pigment, paint, plastic and rubber additives, ceramics refining agent, paper suspension agent, and so on. Quartz powder has good whiteness, gloss, and stability.

Anand Talc provides Quartz Powder Manufacturer For Paint Industry In India. We are manufacturing Quartz Powder with various grades to cater to the requirements of as wide a customer base as possible. Quartz Powder is used in various industries like Paint Industry, Ceramics Industry, Power Industry, etc.  Our Quartz Powder is made from high purity materials. This ensures that there are no chemical imbalances within them. The presence of extra alumina makes our Quartz Powder high on purity and effectiveness. Anand Talc is offering customized quality Quartz Powder according to the requirements of the client at the best value rates. We also offer a comprehensive range of paints & powders to cater to the industrial requirements of our clients. The company is one of the preferred names in market for manufacturing different types of Quartz Powder and its related products that are used in several industries including paint industry. The company has the expertise in the domain for offering Quartz Powder in various specifications and grades.


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