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Know more about all the Rajasthan Desert destinations

Rajasthan desert tourism is one of the celebrated desert travel destinations all over India. The destination is known for its luxury desert safari and thus attracts a good number of visitors every year from around the world. The destination has a rich history, an array of tourist attractions, royal palaces, and exotic wildlife species. While touring this region you will be mesmerized by the scenic beauty which will make your journey memorable forever. There are many destinations that you can cover within this very diverse region of India. So we have listed the best desert safari destination in Rajasthan (India).

Sam sand dunes

Sam sand dunes are a part of the great Thar desert of India (desert of Rajasthan). These sand dunes and golden yellow color of sand attract people from different places. If you have an adventure kind of heart then Sam sand dunes are just right for you. You have to travel for some time to reach there. Get Luxury Car Rental in Udaipur from Rajwada Taxi.

Khuri Sand Dunes (Jaisalmer)

Khuri sand dunes which are also known as Jaisalmer Sand Dunes are the most prominent attraction of the city. It gets its name from a Khuri tree that was used by travelers for rest and shade. It is actually an island of yellow sand surrounded by the great expanse of golden sand. The broad expanse of golden sand at Khuri resembles a desert. You can enjoy the long drive in your vehicle to this place and can also pitch a tent nearby for a night over amidst the setting sun and cool breeze.

Osian desert (Jodhpur)

In the heart of the Osian desert (Jodhpur) are many alluring wonders, some of them hidden from the eyes as they are not openly shown to the tourists. A tourist can only have an idea about these wonders if he is a local person or has enough information about this place. But there are some genuine marvels that are out for display in this region. The place is dotted with numerous Havelis in the desert.

Desert in Barmer One among the best tourist spot in Rajasthan- Desert in Barmer. Barmer the also famous for its basic, cultural, and natural distinct space which is the source plenty for travelers looks for undoubtedly. This desert village has a society alluring with its eyes giant, colorful, mysterious yet charming characters which make them very catchy to eyes so that human tends to visit them again and again. Rajwada Taxi is the top Car Rental in Udaipur.


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