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The city of Udaipur, located in the state of Rajasthan, offers tourists a luxurious holiday destination with beautiful views. The main attractions of this city are lakes, hotels, and palaces. The Udaipur City trip offers a mixture of ancient and modern pleasures, and takes one on a journey through history. Kohinoor Travel as a leading Tour Operator in Udaipur has a range of tour packages for tourist who are interested in exploring magical city of Udaipur

Saas Bahu Temple

The temple is one of the most famous shrines within the vicinity of Udaipur. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, it has acquired the name Saas-Bahu (Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law) as the sculpture depicts two female figures together on a common pillar. The temple has two statues of the Goddess – one with one hand and the other with thousand hands and arms. The renowned Radha Krishna Temple is also situated just by the side of it. It is believed that Mother-in-law visits her daughter-in-law every Thursday at the place.

Ubeshwar Ji

Pipaliya is the dreamland of photographers and picture-lovers. Beautiful valleys and lush green hillocks on which clouds descend actually looks like a dreamland. It is the best place when it comes to rainy season. No place is quite like Pipaliya. It’s the perfect destination for rejuvenating and calming to the soul during monsoon. The place is not very well known as tourist site so most of the people are not aware about it. While driving from the Udaipur city to Pipaliya it takes about 45 mins to reach that place through a rocky path in the village. You need to Experience Driver to help you to get that Beautiful Place. Kohinoor travel is leading Tour Operator in Udaipur  to help you get best of Udaipur.


Rayta is situated on the eastern slopes of the Girnar Hill, just 6 km from Udaipur city. This gorgeous piece of paradise offers panoramic views of the city and reaches a height of 2244 ft. It offers a mesmerizing view of Aravalli ranges and the city palace. It’s indeed a place for nature lovers and landscapers. There is no better way to break free of the traffic of the city than to get into immediate nature. By one side of the hills is the famous Snake road, which you must take your pictures.

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