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Top Emerging Digital Marketing Tools for 2021

The new digital marketing tools always appear in the market, fueled by endless opportunities that digital marketing offers to today’s global businesses. As you know, many digital tools can help us promote our business and reach our ultimate goals, though it can be hard to choose the best ones on the market. In fact, there are hundreds of digital tools that we may need as marketers, and choosing from such a large variety is no easy task.

Though digital marketing is evolving rapidly, 90% of businesses are not making the most of it. In fact, only a handful of these companies are able to implement effective digital marketing strategies. To save you a little time we have created the Top 10 emerging digital marketing tools for 2021. Basically these tools are used by Digital marketing company in India. These are tools that can harness your creativity and automate parts of your marketing efforts – saving you time and money!

SMS Marketing

It can help you to grow your business. Filled with little text messages, the messages that they send out are effective in making customers remember what products or services you offer and how they could benefit them. Growth has shifted to mobile phones as mobile phones allow individuals virtually constant accessibility to the internet. This is similar in nature to instant messaging through IM or text messaging.

Whatsapp Message Marketing

Whatsapp is quite common nowadays. With just a few taps on their phones, people can send messages, pictures, and videos to the ones they care for. This popular messaging app has over a billion active users who are using it on a daily basis. It comes as no wonder that businesses have started turning towards Whatsapp marketing in order to reach a larger number of potential clients. You must also get access to Whatsapp Marketing services every time you are planning to choose a new service provider. By choosing this type of service you will be able to reach a maximum number of customers in an effective way.

Web Push Notifications

It’s a web push notification that uses web technology that notifies the user inside their browser, and the server doesn’t have to be online for this. The Web Push Notification is also known as the Push Notification Service (PNS). Web push notifications are special messages that allow your website to notify your visitors about important events. These events may include new product releases, user-generated content such as comments or likes, scheduled tasks, and more.

Micro Content with Video and Audio

Microcontent is important because it helps gain an awareness of your brand, particularly amongst people you don’t know. It can also help you build interest and momentum with your target market. Because oftentimes the way people engage with content is through a share or retweet, so if they’re not really interested in it, they will not share it. So, to get people engaged with your content, you need to create something that has a direct appeal for them.

Microcontent is characterized by short pieces of information that are bite-sized like a snack for the eyes and ears. They can be videos or audio in nature (also referred to as in-stream video advertising) or written pieces that are quick moving and entertaining.

Featured snippets and no-click searches

Featured snippets and no-click searches are two new and exciting opportunities to have your content seen by the masses. Featured snippets are showing up for more questions asked by users, and many sites are seeing increases in traffic from them. This directly impacts user experience and increases engagement.

Creating Brand Kit

A brand kit is a collection of your core brand assets, including logo files and design templates. After you’ve created a brand kit, you can quickly assemble professional-looking branded emails, documents, social media images, and more–all based on your customized colors, fonts, and logos. Select this option to create your own Brand Kit with logos and templates that come in handy for business presentations, branding emails, and more.

The purpose of a brand kit is to help represent your company identity online while making things easier for you as a business owner.

Display retargeting

Display retargeting, also known as remarketing, has been one of the most effective methods for digital marketers in recent years. Display retargeting is used by businesses looking to advertise products and services on various websites. The way it works is that a user performs a search for a specific product or service on Google, which then displays an advertisement throughout various sites that are relevant to the user’s search query.

By creating personalized experiences for people who’ve visited your website you can improve your conversion rates and increase sales. The underlying principle of display retargeting is to run ads on the sites where your prospects are engaging with other brands. There are some really powerful tools that allow you to run these ads and track how well they work.

Content Curation

For blogging and social media, it is a way to find great content and share it with your audience. Content curation is an important part of search engine optimization, and even more so in social media marketing. Curation entails the selection of content – usually online- made by people, organizations, or web services. People have used this approach to look for information, share interesting items, and start conversations.

The content curated may then be redistributed in a variety of ways through web publishing. Many companies use content curation to build relationships and brand reputation, as well as increase exposure on social media channels.

Canva Business

Canva Business is a beautiful and simple alternative to bloated enterprise tools. With Canva’s drag-and-drop design canvas, you can easily upload your banner designs for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, drive traffic and share ideas. Get access to templates created by designers — Canva Business has everything you need to create beautiful designs. Canva Business is a collection of templates and design assets created specifically for small business owners. Each template is micro-customizable — without touching code. They’re the easiest way to create your own social media or blog graphics, web banners, advertisements, offline marketing materials, videos, and more.


Buffer gives you a simple way to plan and share content across multiple social media profiles and other online services. It connects to all of your major social media accounts and allows you to schedule updates – it’s become a favorite tool for digital marketers and social media managers across the globe. Buffer also creates statistics about your shares and conversions so that you can constantly improve the performance of your content.

While many of the digital marketing tools we use today are standard, and other tools have emerged as industry favorites over time, there is always room for fresh and innovative digital marketing tools to hit the market. After all, marketers never stop evolving. So, use these marketing trends and tools to boost your business. Digital Marketing Agency in India also use these tools to grow there clients business.


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