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Features & application of High Speed Tubular Bowl Centrifuge

High speed tubular bowl centrifuges work on the basis of high speed that convert liquid into solid. There are different types of centrifuges available such as clinical centrifuges and industrial centrifuges. High Speed Centrifuge are widely used in industrial area such as electronics, food industry, biotechnical and so on. Their application is different as well. For example, high speed tubular bowl centrifuge are widely applied in electron and electronics to get copper coating by its magnetic separation. And high speed tubular bowl centrifuge can also be applied to mine and metallurgy industries as well.

 There are numerous tools for separation through centrifugation, and centrifugal separator bowl is one of the belt type of separation device. In the world, there are a lot of application areas, such as mineral industry, automobile industry and food processing industry because of its characteristics and simplicity in operation. There are many requirements for the centrifugal bowl centrifugal machine, such as: 1) long time operation; 2) high safety; 3) convenient operation; 4) secure usage; 5) big capacity; 6) low noise. It only needs to connect with the power supply and water source for washing raw material. The As26 Centrifuge can adjust the speed freely according to different materials, which make it perfect.

High Speed Tubular Bowl Centrifuge is to use centrifugal force, so the rotation speed of a liquid allows the problem of separation is not size changes in the direction of flow, but with rotational speed, so special requirements. Shear stress on the dispersed phase higher than that in the non-sheared suspension containing solid particles or a single fluid phase. The effects of shear stress on destabilizing or sort all kinds of mixtures can be observed and studied by using a simple rotating tank with cone bottom. High Speed Centrifuge Bowl is widely used in semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and food industries for multiple purposes. In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, high speed tubular centrifuge bowl is preferred over the standard one for superior quality, increased productivity and fast processing.


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