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What is a Dolomite Powder? A Little Bit about Dolomite Powder

Dolomite is a sedimentary rock composed of Calcium magnesium carbonate (CaCO3) that forms mainly from marine animal skeletons. It is a type of limestone that is manufactured to be used for various purposes. It is deemed safe to consume and come in calcium or magnesium supplements, tablets, capsules or antacids depending on your needs. Nonetheless, some people have allergic reactions to certain amounts of minerals and should seek medical help before consuming any dolomite products. It contains major ingredients of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.

Molecular Structure on Dolomite

Dolomite is a pretty interesting mineral. It isn’t the most famous or well-known mineral, but it has a very unique and interesting formation process. Dolomite structure is formed by an ionic interaction of Mg2+ (magnesium cation), Ca2+ (calcium cation), and CO32- (carbonate anion).  For every two carbonate anions there is one magnesium cation and one calcium cation, thereby making the structure electrically neutral. A common pattern of arrangement of ions is shown

Applications Of Dolomite Powder

Dolomite has many uses and benefits apart from its use as an industrial raw material in the Ceramic and steel industry. Dolomite as a Calcium or magnesium supplement It is used in numerous fields including paint, metal processing with a varied range of other applications. People also consume as Dolomite feed addictive for livestock and fertilizers. It is also used as a sintering agent and in its powdered form is as flux in detergents.

Looking for best Quality Dolomite Powder?

Dolomite Powder is a versatile and popular mineral used in different industries such as manufacturing, construction, agriculture etc. It is also known as Dolomite, CaMg(CO3)2, Limestone Powder, Calcite. Our Dolomite Powder is highly praised by our clients and customers for its strong chemical and physical properties including plasticizer absorption, high specific gravity, high bulk density etc. We are the leading Dolomite Powder Manufacturer in rajasthan and we provide the best grade Dolomite powder and other minerals to a diversity of clients. Our product is the most preferred product of clients due to its long lasting shine, attractive colour, durability and it has no negative impact on the ecology.


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