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Top 5 Features of Sage 50 You Should Know About

In today’s competitive business world, promoters keep up with the new changes and try to set their standards above the others. Being aware of Sage 50 is one such idea that comes into the mind of every person who wants to grow in this business. Businesses demand a lot from their accounting software and it must be able to meet their needs. And if you are looking for information about the software, then here we have listed the top five features that are sure to bring some awe to your business and make it more efficient than ever before. Any online accounting software is only as good as how well it allows you to coordinate and manage your business. As we discussed earlier, Sage 50 comes with a wide array of features that will help you effectively deal with your business finances and efficiently manage your business.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management is a crucial piece to managing the finances of a small business. Without proper management, it can be hard to stay ahead of your bills each month and make sure you are able to purchase the right inventory and supplies. Cash Flow Management is a very important concern for companies because sustained cash flow from operations is vital to business growth. So the best and proven Cash Flow Management of Sage 50 makes it an ideal accounting software, especially for small to medium-size businesses.

Sales Optimization

Sales Optimization is one of Sage 50’s latest offerings and one that is constantly being developed to provide more and more ways to help you attain your specific business goals. When it comes to sales optimization, Sage 50’s functionality is helpful in carrying out sales tactics, reducing costs, and successfully implementing key features. Sage 50 gives you first-hand information about the needs of your customers and prospects, to allow you to leverage this information in order to maximize sales.


With Sage 50 Payroll, you can vastly reduce your payroll mistakes and liabilities and eliminate administrative burdens with a fully integrated solution. This VAT Accounting 2020 is easy to use and easy to understand so it doesn’t require any payroll background or training to work effectively. Businesses can now automate their payrolls with Sage 50 online payroll. That means you get to save on time and money.

Payment Acceptance and Invoicing

If you are used to Sage 50, most of the above features should be very familiar to you. The major difference between Sage 50 and other accounting packages is that Sage has a more end-to-end approach when it comes to invoicing and payment acceptance. Whether you are paid by cheque or credit card, you will need to track money owed to you. Receiving payments in a timely manner and managing outstanding balances are also goals you and your business should strive for when it comes to bookkeeping. Peachtree Accounting can also help you with it.

Inventory Management

Sage 50 Accounting Software is the best software for managing small business inventory. This is due to Sage’s intuitive, user-friendly design and its robust functionality. But before you install and start using any program, it is important to know what you’re capable of doing with it—and what you’re not. Sage 50 inventory management lets users track inventory and manage customer orders, all within the same platform.


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