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What is the use of Ceramic Honeycomb in Industries?

Ceramic honeycomb is a kind of honeycomb structure made from ceramic material. Generally, it’s made of aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, or silicon oxide as raw material. As it involves various kinds of ceramic materials, there are various types. Ceramic Honeycomb is a high adsorbent of thermal conductivity and elasticity. Honeycomb is applicable for lighting protection, heating energy distributors, and so on. The technique of manufacturing the honeycomb is becoming mature.

Ceramic honeycomb panels are flame retardant and are used for building materials in a wide range of industries like industrial furnaces, restaurants, blast furnaces, and other military applications. Flame resistance is important in many cases as heat build-up can cause the fire to spread quickly. Ceramic Honey Comb is a composite material used in modern times with the expanded form of paper and an ideal solution for thermal and sound insulation and technical building materials and industrial ceramics. The production process is composed of a two-step operation.

Honeycomb is a structure of hexagonal prism cells that makes up the walls of a beehive. Honeycomb is an example of a cellular material composed of discrete units, or cells, and is categorized as a porous material (due to its many holes and pores); this gives honeycomb its high surface-area-to-volume ratio. In industrial applications, such as separation, filters, and insulation, honeycomb is used. MBC tower is the leading Ceramic Honeycomb Manufacturer in the world with years of experience. Their products are used for thermal and acoustical insulation, gas separation worldwide. Some typical applications of MBC tower’s honeycomb are in refineries, chemical plants, steam generators, and exhaust products with high temperatures and/or a corrosive environment.

Ceramic is a popular structural material used in industrial and domestic applications because of its low cost, high strength, resistance to chemical corrosion, thermal shock resistance, and high electrical resistance. Ceramic particles are bonded together by an organic or inorganic binder. We have a wide range of Ceramic Tower Packing for Drilling Rig and other oil and gas industries.

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