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Uses of Inert Ceramic Ball in Petrochemical Industry

Inert Ceramic Ball can be used in various industries as a processing medium. It is the most widely used material, especially in the petrochemical industry. Its wide range of applications makes it ideal for different industrial sectors. Ceramic balls are used as solid supports for catalysts. Ceramic balls are preferred due to their inert nature and relatively high mechanical strength, which is required for the manufacturing process. Inert ceramic ball in the petrochemical industry is important safety equipment. Especially, the inert ceramic balls in the petrochemical industry are used to prevent the explosion due to overpressure. It meets international safety and security standards.

Inert ceramic balls are lightweight, chemically inert non-spherical particles used as a flowing agent especially in the manufacture of cement. They improve concrete strength, durability and reduce pumping costs. Inert ceramic balls are produced using Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2), which is non-magnetic, machinable, brittle with (8-9) Mohs hardness and low temperature.

The inert ceramic ball is a kind of mixed oxide, coated with the ball-milling molten glass – powder, then heat-treated and sintered. It consists of three layers: external layer (SiO2), intermediate layer (C), and internal layer (Si3N4). The ball has strong corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, chemical stability, and good thermal shock resistance. It has characteristics of deformation and fracture to release flow stress and it has been widely used in the thermocline tank and parahexane tank for temperature control in the petrochemical industry. MBC Tower is one of the leading Inert Ceramic Ball manufacturers, we produce and sell only high-quality and good price Inert Ceramic Ball. MBC makes ceramic balls with advanced technologies and top-quality raw materials to ensure stability. We are leading Ceramic Tower Packing company providing a high-quality array of Inert Ceramic Balls with numerous size ranges and materials. With the help of this, they are widely used in high voltage insulation, noise suppression, light-weighting material applications. customized as per the needs of clients.

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