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Which Is Most Used Accounting Software in Dubai?

Manage daily operations with accounting software. Set up vendors, clients, and products to simplify how you track and invoice your inventory. QuickBooks is a fast, easy way to manage your business finances in one place, from your desktop or mobile device. QuickBooks is a user-friendly accounting software that saves business owners time by helping manage their finances in one place.

Here are the best accounting software used in UAE and preferred by many businesses and organizations across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other Emirates. These Accounting Software are VAT compliant which will help you to carry out transactions smoothly and helps you calculate the tax refunds and other expenditures wisely. Following are Best Accounting software Solutions used in Dubai UAE.


QuickBooks is a feature-rich, small business accounting software solution designed to save you time and money. It has easy User Experience and simple User Interface. With QuickBooks, you’re able to manage your business finances, run payroll, track expenses, pay bills and much more. Quick books has 3 main versions. The QuickBooks UK Version, QuickBooks US Version, and QuickBooks Canada Version. Only the UK version supports VAT functionality while the US does not support VAT functionality. Hence the QuickBooks UK Version is preferred version of QuickBooks Software in UAE.

Quickbooks has the following editions.

  • QuickBooks Pro.
  • Quickbooks Premier.
  • Quickbooks Enterprise.

Tally.ERP 9

Tally-9 is an award winning accounting software that offers a comprehensive and user-friendly accounting solution. Tally is an ERP accounting software used for small, medium and large businesses. The product has many modules and comes in two versions; manual version and e-tally version.

  • Silver Edition (Single User)
  • Gold Edition (Multi-User)

Sage Accounting

Sage Business Cloud comes in standard and accountant editions. This based on a cloud platform and helps you do all the transactions and recording online. This software has the VAT support and the Banking supports in UAE. It has many tie-ups with the banks wherein they update all the transactions done in your bank account that you have synced with the software.

Being on the cloud, it gives you the opportunity to access your account and data remotely and from any platform such as your laptop or mobile.

Sage Business Cloud is secure, simple to use and is compliant to all the local laws in UAE.


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