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The smartest way to prepare IIT JEE Main and Advanced – Ascent Career Points

Do you often feel your study habits are not giving you desired results? Maybe you are studying 10 hours a day and yet are unable to remember concepts well or maybe you are finding it tough to manage how to study every subject equally and finish your syllabus on time. You first need to have the right mindset about studying. What an ideal mindset towards studying should be: You go to study NOT because you have to but because you want to.

Study habits are what we follow each day to prepare for exams and tests in a systematic way. Good study habits can take you a long way, but bad study habits can get you nowhere.

We have curated 4 best study tips for board exams, JEE and entrance tests like NEET from Ascent Career Points, a Best IIT JEE Coaching Institute in Udaipur and Medical coaching Institute in Udaipur. These tips will surely help you improve your grades and become more effective while preparing for your CBSE exams or entrance tests like JEE and NEET.

1. Plan Ahead

Planning your study schedule will not only help you follow your syllabus but also focus on the topics that require more attention. You can’t complete your syllabus on time if you you studying randomly and have nothing mapped out about how many days you should take to learn which topic, when you need to take a practice test

2. Learn from Various Sources

One of the biggest mistakes students make is studying from the same source all the time. They might study from their textbook one day, clone notes the next, and then sit through a video lecture third. While each source may be great to study a topic from, there is nothing more effective than looking at a topic various source. You can retain information much better when looking at it from different angles, and ensure that you learn it well this way. Studying from multiple sources also helps you view the material from different perspectives to aid in your understanding.

3. Keep Yourself Organised

Start with organising your class assignments and study notes. Use binders for different subjects. Make sure your notes are organised chapter-wise. If you are using digital notes, make sure you have organised your desktop or laptop. Create folders for every subject and create further folders for assignments and chapter-wise CBSE online study material. The next important part is keep studying.

4. Study in Small Chunks

Do you know the average human’s attention span is only 10-18 minutes. For an adult in average health who has a proper sleep regimen, concentration is best at 20 minutes or more. So how can you expect yourself to be studying for 2-3 hours straight?

This is why, in best IIT JEE Institute in Udaipur, we suggest students take a 5-10 minute break after every 45 minutes study session. This will keep your mind fresh for longer hours and you will be able to study effectively. Try this for one week and see how much difference it would make in your learning.


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