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What is important for cracking JEE entrance exam?

Most of the students have a common question: What is important for cracking JEE entrance exam? Well, this question has a very specific answer: “You should prepare in such a way that no doubt is left during the final day of your preparations.”

To start with, you need to understand what type of strategy would work for you. Every student has a different approach in preparing for JEE examination. But there are few factors common in every student’s approach which should be modified to match your skill set. So, if you feel that your approach towards exam preparation is not perfect then make a couple of changes in your strategy.

Strategy is the main thing which determines your success and failure in JEE Main. If you adopt a wrong strategy, then no matter how much hard work you put in it, you will not be able to get good marks. In order to prepare well for JEE Main examination, there are mainly three things which must be considered while formulating the preparation strategy.

1: Stick to your basics

Always remember that you need to stick to your basics. The basics don’t change over a period of time. Master on The basics. Read and be perfect with NCERT textbooks, then go for good reference book (only one reference book of your choice or as prescribed by an established teacher is enough)

2. Make Proper notes

Prepare your notes before JEE Main Exam:  Your first and foremost job is to master the basics . Before going for any board exam, make sure that you have scored good marks in the previous exams. If you are not a good scorer then please change your approach for basic concepts and come back after some time when you score good marks in the exams. Only then go for JEE Main exam and don’t waste your time in making notes as it will consume your time unnecessarily.

3. Approach towards questions

Concept is the most important part, use it to attack questions and check the answer. don’t go with formula alone unless you know the concept.

4. Time management a necessity

Don t waste your too much time on a question, remember you are supposed to invest only 90 seconds maximum for any question you are attempting. If you are crossing this time limit then your overall ranking and score will slide downward.

The first thing I would tell you is – Don’t fall in trap of those coaching institutes who charge you a bomb and teach very little. Most of the students who go for coaching are often not able to crack JEE but they spend lakhs of rupees for knowledge which is accessible freely. To save your money, time and effort you need to just have some clear vision in deciding why you are getting into such a tough battle…? Is it prestige? Or help your parents by getting a government job or building your career in Engineering? Once you have the answer you need to work on it yourself. We At Ascent career point known as a Best IIT JEE Institute in Udaipur or NEET Coaching Institute in Udaipur. Here you will definitely get well experienced teacher who will guid you properly.


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