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Sage 200 vs Sage 300 – What’s the difference?

Sage 200 and Sage 300 ERP are both leading bundled accounting and business management software solutions, which allow small to medium sized businesses, including manufacturing, sales and service organizations, to manage their financials without the cost and complexity of outsourced accounting departments.

Sage 200 ERP is designed for smaller manufacturers who are just entering the world of ERP. Sage 300 ERP, on the other hand, is the business class software program that serves larger enterprises with multiple divisions and several offices. As with most ERP applications today, there are some basic features that both Sage 200 and 300 ERP share and then each has its own unique set of features.

What is Sage 200?

People all over the world are using Sage 200 ERP to help them to grow their businesses. Some of the major countries that the software is used in are Germany, Australia, Nigeria, Brazil and of course the UK. It is also used in many other countries around the world by business of all sizes. With this software, users are able to get work done faster, improve productivity and make better decisions based on market trends. Sage 200 software is an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed to help SMEs grow their businesses with better financial management, customer relationship management and business intelligence capabilities. Sage 200 is an ideal option for small businesses with any type of growth in mind. Sage 200 ERP makes it easier for companies to handle manufacturing, distribution, retail and service; while improving productivity and planning. Sage 200 allows users to do more with the information they have at their fingertips by providing the right tools needed to succeed.

What is Sage 300?

Sage 300 is a complete ERP software, combining powerful financial modules with business intelligence and Customer Relationship Management. Sage 300 is a global ERP solution, providing an all-round financial system, which allows companies to streamline their business processes to maximise efficiency and profitability. Sage 300 is designed for businesses of all sizes; it provides an out of the box approach to simplifying your business needs, making it easy to implement and maintain, without compromising on functionality. It mostly popular in the UK and USA

In Below table there are some features of both Sage 200 & 300.


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