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Let’s Understand About LT and HT Panels : Pyrotech India

Electrical control panels are basically devised to organize and control the distribution of electricity via various gauges, cords, and wiring. It is designed to handle the current load at specific times for safety reasons. Depending upon the requirement, size, and complexity of the project

Electrical control panels are widely used in the industrial and commercial sector for various applications and utilities, including commercial buildings, hospitals, dairies, telecommunications, research laboratories, and others. Electrical departments of hospitals or office buildings can be said as a good example for this panels. Electrical control panels are thus a necessary part of any building’s architecture since it is deeply linked with energy distribution system. Electrical control panels are specifically designed to provide electrical power for all kinds of machinery equipment present inside a public or private building.

Electrical panels, most commonly known as load centers, can be classified into two groups according to their voltage range. The main difference between high tension (HT) and low tension (LT) panels is the voltage range in which they operate. Both types of panels play an important role when it comes to electrical circuitry and safety.

HT Panels

HT Panels are used to distribute power to other electrical equipment. Electrical transmission is handled through these panels which basically connect different parts of the system together. The main purpose of the HT panel is to cut off the electric current when faults occur. HT panels can be installed in both outdoor and indoor as well

LT Panels

The LT panels are also known as distribution panels or switch boards. The main purpose of the LT Panels is to regulate voltage in areas where different loads are used. It is designed to function at lower voltages (up to 690 Volts) with low insulation levels.

Looking for Electrical panels

Are you looking for a cheap but efficient HT panel India? Then Pyrotech India is the best HT Panels Manufacturer in India. No doubt, Pyrotech is the leading company of manufacturing electrical equipment. The equipment like: control panel, panel board, push buttons and Control Room Consoles, It is the well-known and reliable name in the world. Their products meet all the international quality standards. They use best quality raw materials for producing their product range.


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