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What is the difference between black kismis and golden kismis?

Black raisin and golden kismis seem to be two names for the same product. If you did a search for black raisin or golden raisin, you will find them at the same price from the same vendors all over the world. But do they have the same usage, the same benefits and the same taste?

The difference between Black Raisins and Golden Raisins are that the color differs only. The botanical name is table grapes. However, both are considered delicious raisins. Though, one gets its colour from grapes being dried in direct sunlight while the other is dried using indirect sunlight.

Raisin is sun-dried grapes that turns into small sweet orange colored dried fruit. These dried fruits give you the sweet taste and they can be eaten as a part of your meal. Furthermore, it adds tenderness and texture to your meal and also they can be used as a healthy snack. Thus, these make a good option for chocolate, desserts, cakes’ stuffing or mix-in. You can get best dry fruits online for many portals.

Black Kismis(Raisins)

Black  kismis are the most iron rich dried fruits in the world. Black raisins are a newly discovered super fruit, which means they have a special nutrient in them that is currently being studied very closely. Black raisins contain a lot of health benefits because this is not like the raisins you know so well. It is packed with many nutrients and has antioxidants, substances that kill free radicals in your body before they can do damage.

It’s the healthiest version of raisin there is! It has more iron, fiber, potassium and manganese than any other type of raisin. The deliciousness you love in raisins is still there, but black raisins are packed with even more antioxidants so people who eat these regularly are less likely to develop diseases.

Golden Kismis(Raisins)

If you’re like me, you have a sweet tooth. Having a sweet treat after a meal is good for our health and can even help with weight loss – it’s been proven that sugar improves mood and reduces stress hormones which, in turn, helps curb our appetite. While you can get sugar from white or brown sugar, honey or maple syrup, why not try something new? Golden Raisins have the same sweetness as white sugar but offer so much more health benefits.


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