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Study MBBS Abroad 2021 at Low-price Fees for Indian Students

It is a dream of a lot of students to pursue MBBS Abroad. However, the procedure for pursuing medical study is not the same for all the countries. Students wish to do MBBS Abroad as the quality & level of education are extremely high as compared to India. There is a presence of donation culture in India so most students avoid paying such high donations and fees, thus they opt for going Abroad for their further studies.

Keyway Abroad is among the popular Overseas Education Consultant in India with its exceptional services and offers a variety of choices to fulfill the many student’s dreams to go to a university that is MCI approved. MBBS Abroad is a great option for aspiring medical students because the MCI approved universities have a low-cost structure of fees.

MBBS Abroad 2021 Option

There are two kinds of duration choices for MBBS courses for every student who dreams to practice medical studies Abroad. Both of the below options for every student with the guidance of Keyway Abroad are available at a very affordable cost.

  • A one-year internship in India and a five-year Study abroad.
  • A one-year internship is mandatory abroad along with a six-year Study Abroad.

In general, 75 % of study programs for MBBS Abroad can be completed in six years. You are supposed to know that after finishing the overseas MBBS course in any MCI approved university, there are three further steps to be done which are as follows:

  • Passing the screening test of MCI or FMGE Exam.
  • Finish a year of adequate internship, India.
  • Completion of an MCI Registration process being a medical practitioner.

Advantages of studying MBBS Abroad with Keyway Abroad Guidance

Keyway Abroad offers the most budget-friendly packages for students and helps in delivering brilliant doctors and medical experts who belong to India. Keyway Abroad is the best MBBS abroad consultant that can help you pursue your medical studies Abroad with some easy steps so that you can enjoy the below-discussed advantages and can create a successful career for you.

  • There is no need to give any kind of entrance exam because the procedure & selection for admission is all based on the PCB marks of the 12th standard.
  • There is no chance of any type of donation demand when applying for MBBS Abroad nor any capitation fees.
  • All the colleges & universities for MBBS Abroad suggested by Keyway Abroad are MCI approved.
  • Every MCI approved university is the university of local government in particular countries.
  • The cost of living in most countries provided by Keyway Abroad can match the cost of India so that it can become easy for all the students to adjust there.
  • The system for admission for MBBS Abroad 2021 with the appropriate support of Keyway Abroad is direct as well as guaranteed.
  • The tuition fee for the medical study is between 1.5 lakh to 5 lakhs that is very low as compared to other institutes.

Countries Choices by Keyway Abroad for Indian Students

Keyway Abroad offers MBBS Abroad 2021 studies in several very popular and affordable countries for talented students as per their preference & budget so that they can attain heights in their medical career. If students like to go for further studies in East Europe, they can choose between Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, and Belarus.

Any plan to do MBBS Abroad in the Germany Union then students can choose between Poland and Germany. Additionally, for medical education in Asia, there is an option available between Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, China, Nepal, and the Philippines. Fulfill your dreams and wishes of MBBS Abroad with a team of professional consultants at Keyway Abroad and do not think about the high-cost fees structure anymore.


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