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What Is Sonography? What Is The Difference Between Sonography And Ultrasound?

Sonography is a great technique of medical imaging that uses sound waves of high-frequency so that body’s internal structure images can be produced. Sonography is also called Ultrasonography. After taking an X-ray, ultrasound is used the most as an effective technique of diagnostic imaging. Arth Diagnostic Center is the best diagnostic lab in Udaipur that is equipped with the latest diagnostic facilities. It delivers the highest quality services to meet all the diagnostic requirements whether advanced or general ultrasound.

3D / 4D Sonography at Arth Diagnostics

This type of 3d 4d Sonography Udaipur at Arth Diagnostics is a specific type of examination that allows the medical expert to get a fetus view in 3D or 4D form that is moving in the womb. It can help in improving the image quality along with the support of the doctor for diagnosing any kind of abnormalities possible at the initial stage. This type of 3D / 4D detection was impossible in previously used traditional sonography.

Difference Between Ultrasound and Sonography

In general, sonography is a specific type of useful technique whereas Ultrasound is an essential tool appropriately used by the Arth Diagnostic for best results without any mistakes. Sonography is completed by efficient sonographers with the help of ultrasound devices. The devices of Ultrasound can generate 2D as well as 3D pictures. It can also determine potential inflammatory pelvic diseases, abscesses, endometriosis, and pelvic masses.

Moreover, sonography means sound writing also and likewise ultrasonography also means an extreme level of sound writing. The reason behind this is the use of sound waves of high frequency by sonographers at Arth Diagnostics. By this, images are created at the time of the USG scan. Therefore, sonography is safe, affordable, portable, and non-invasive. If you are looking forward to doing sonography or 3D / 4D ultrasound then contact Arth Diagnostic as it is the best clinical center.

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