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Fundamentals of Hosting Your QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud

Hosting your QuickBooks desktop in the cloud allows you to access your accounting applications from anywhere there’s an internet connection. While the benefits of installing your accounting software on a physical computer are obvious, hosting in the cloud has its own benefits. The cloud can be a scary place to put your company’s data, but have no fear. If you use the right host with the best features, you will feel comfortable knowing that QuickBooks will stay up and running 24/7. Pytotech has helped thousands of small businesses keep their QuickBooks Point of Sale up and running smooth by hosting their QuickBooks desktop on our secure servers in our tier 1 data enter.

They are great for simple businesses like yours, and you have definitely noticed a few quirks over the years. One of those quirks is that the software has to stay on your own computer, so you have to deal with lots of files, which are often misplaced or hard to find. You know how much time and money it would save if you didn’t have to worry about that anymore? You should totally think about hosting your QuickBooks desktop in the cloud. Losing your connection would mean losing your work, but cloud-based platforms usually come with a host of amazing features such as continuous data protection and auto-sync technology — providing complete peace of mind for the busy business owner.

Intuit’s QuickBooks software gives business owners an end-to-end alternative to costly accounting and payroll software programs. Most businesses recognize the value of quickbooks on cloud and use it as their primary accounting system. However, there is a clear drawback to this, since it increases the computing requirements for their network. Since QuickBooks is a simple accounting program, it is unable to run in a virtual environment easily. The requirements for QuickBooks are not standard, whether you install from a CD or download from the Intuit website. Simultaneously, there has been an increase in data theft, cyber attacks, and ransomware incidents over the last decade. All of this can make small businesses miss many opportunities due to security concerns. One of the best ways to resolve all your issues is by hosting quickbooks Desktop on a reliable server that meets your business’s unique requirements while protecting your financial information by using Cloud Computing.


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