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Automation Equipments Manufacturer and Suppliers India

Pyrotech is India’s one of the leading manufacturers of Automation Equipments Manufacturer and Suppliers India. Pyrotech is a Udaipur-based automation products manufacturer. Automation products manufactured at the company include programmable controllers, industrial control panels, IT Solution, Shelter, UV Tower, MCC PCC, Video Wall, Electrical Cabinet and many other control equipment. These products are used by diverse end-user industries in manufacturing, production, process control, and power generation industries to automate their machinery & systems task.

Always an innovator in technology, Pyrotech has now ventured into the services sector with the same commitment of providing the best possible solution and customer satisfaction. With the right combination of expertise, tools and equipment, Pyrotech Services views itself as a bridge between clients and partners.

Pyrotech Services is a trading division of Pyrotech Group of Companies, renowned for its innovations, product quality, reliability and service in electronic and Control Equipments as well as IT Solution for over 46 years.

In India, there are many companies that manufacture automation equipment, but the company which I am going to talk about is Pyrotech India. The reason of choosing this company is mainly because one of the largest customised Control Equipment manufacturing company in India or due to their competitor’s brand they have gained fame and success in their industry. With our extensive expertise and professional experience in the field, we are confident of offering you a wide range of Control Equipments. Our team of talented young professionals is competent enough to understand your requirements in the shortest possible time and offer top-notch Customised Control Equipment manufactured at competitive prices.


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