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Stock Market Analysis: Fundamental and Technical

Stock market analysis is a process that involves using available information to predict the future price of a stock. It is a more detailed investigation of the stock market that is intended to help investors make better decisions. You can also take guidance from the best Sebi registered research analyst in India. The aim in this article will be to define and explain what are the different methods of  stock market analysis.

What is Stock Market Analysis?

Stock Market Analysis can be defined as the study of financial market performance with various techniques, models and theories. In Technical Analysis, usually the data gathered by analysing is in the form of present and past price data.

Why is Fundamental Analysis?

Fundamental Analysis is one of the pillars of trading. Before a trader takes a position in any given stock(s), he/she needs to conduct stock market analysis through financial statements known as fundamental analysis. Fundamental Analysis is an important aspect of the stock markets.

The market analysis provided by various organizations which monitor the behavior of companies, helps in determining the actual worth of a particular stock. This information can act as a benchmark for decision-making related to stock portfolios. It is also used by several investors while making trades in the securities markets. 

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical research is an analytical approach to investment decisions that considers price data as opposed to company fundamentals. Most commonly, this term refers to charts of stocks, and how they interact with one another and with market indexes. Technical research is an analytical approach to investment decisions that considers price data as opposed to company fundamentals.

Technical research is a type of basic research in which traders make decisions by studying price action, order flow, and volume. It is not the same as fundamental analysis. While some technical traders make their own market predictions, most technical traders are more interested in identifying specific price patterns that serve as indicators for when a particular security will reverse its trend. has Sebi registered stock advisor and provides intraday, short term and long term stock advisory services based on Fundamental and Technical Analysis that can help you in your trading and Investment activities.


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