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Make your business Easy by Choosing QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks has been the most popular small business accounting software for many years. Keeping track of your business finances doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t need to face the stress and confusion that can come with figuring out how much you should charge and how long it will take to pay down debt. There exists a great tool built exclusively for small business: QuickBooks. It is an accounting software, which is a very powerful tool to help you do your tasks easily. QuickBooks® is the most popular accounting software for small businesses because it delivers everything you need to grow. Easily manage your business finances, track sales and expenses, and import secure data from payroll providers. And with hundreds of free resources, QuickBooks is also one of the easiest cloud accounting programs to learn. There are several alternative products that offer similar services but I recommend to select Quickbook Desktop. You can try QuickBooks Desktop for free with a 30-day trial that doesn’t require a credit card.

What can you do with Quickbook Desktop

Create and Track Invoices

QuickBooks can help you keep track of all your customer invoices. Invoicing is easy to set up, and you can even send invoices from your phone or tablet!  When you invoice customers using QuickBooks, the program automatically creates records of every sales transaction and income earned. This way, you can access your customer invoices at any time or even export them to Excel to use in other applications, like invoicing or billing services. You can easily create invoices easily and either print them or email them to customers.

Keep Track of Bills & Expenses

QuickBooks can help you keep a closer eye on your money by automating your bill and expense tracking. By connecting QuickBooks with your bank and credit card accounts, it’s easy to track all of your expenses in one place. Plus, when you use Smart Alerts, you can even automatically receive early notices of upcoming bills. There are so many different things that you need to keep track of – payments, receipts, purchases and sales – all of this takes time. QuickBooks allows you to manage your accounting online and stay in the loop about your checks, bills, expenses, invoices and more.

Profit and Loss Report

Profit and loss (also referred as P&L) reports are essential for any business especially in the start-up phase. It’ll allow you to see how profitable your business is performing by summarizing its income minus its expenses. Quickbook Desktop help to measurement your business loss and profit, it shows you how much revenue your business generated, the expenses you incurred, and the net income (or loss) for a specific time period, such as a week, a month, or a quarter.

Track Inventory

QuickBook Desktop provides functions for tracking the quantity and cost of your inventory. This feature can be used automatically to allocate a portion of your inventory to cost of goods sold (COGS) and to order additional inventory when needed.


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