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Which Accounting Software Is Most Used in Dubai?

When choosing accounting or business management software, it is important to consider the specific needs of your business. It is unlikely that one package can provide all the functions your business requires. So you should look at many packages offering different special features and functions until you find the right one for your enterprise. This article gives a short overview of the most common features of accounting and business management software. There are a huge number of software packages on the market all claiming to be advantageous related to your small business needs. Whether you’re a one-person freelancer or the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation there is a piece of software on the market that will suit you.

Accounting Software in Dubai


One of the most trusted names in accounting, QuickBooks offers multiple levels of accounting software, varying from the home office version all the way up to Enterprise. QuickBooks can also be used by businesses of almost any size. With it’s rich feature set and rich customer service track record, QuickBooks is one of best accounting software for small business owner to large business owner.

2 – SAP ERP:

SAP ERP is one of the biggest players in the enterprise software industry, offering a comprehensive business management solution that’s used by 50,000 businesses around the globe. SAP ERP is more than just a business information system…SAP ERP is a powerful business management solution that integrates all business processes, from core finance functions to product planning. It is basically a software suite used for managing almost every aspect of a company’s business including Sales, Finance, Operations, Human Resource Management, Product Planning and many more. In this article, we will learn

3 – ZOHO:

Cloud Storage is seamless whether you’re using the box, Dropbox, Google Drive or anything else you can name. Its mobile versions run on iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone so you’re never out of touch with your work. You can handle Sales, POs, billing, payments, banking and stay in touch on estimates and project development. Zoho offers a wide range of modules and will be able to serve all businesses – no matter how large or small. With an intuitive interface everything is right in front of you, so it is easy to see where to go for what. The fact that there are so many things that it can do are both a blessing and a curse it all depends on how much time you have left at this moment. It packs in several software solutions in one package but new users should take time to dive deeper and understand the possibilities.


Sage ERP X3 is an alternative to traditional ERP solutions and can be categorized as a cloud-based subscription service. Sage ERP X3 offers an interface that is not as basic as QuickBooks, but it offers more advanced functionality to the experienced or professional user. Sage ERP also includes features that are scalable and ready to grow as your business grows. Sage ERP X3 is recommended for mid-sized businesses. It is an alternative to traditional ERP software applications and can be operated from any browser. Sage products are well known for their flexibility, scalability, and excellent customer service (also included with customers purchasing Sage ERP X3). There is both on-premise version of Sage ERP X3 as well as hosted configuration.


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