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What’s The Difference Between QuickBooks Online & Desktop?

When it comes to accounting, most small business owners prefer QuickBooks desktop because of its reliability. However, there is one argument in which a lot of people have switched to QuickBooks online. It’s time for us to find out what the difference between both products is.

Quickbook Accounting Software is a software that allows small business owners to track their business finances. When it comes to accounting software, there are only a few options. However the 2 most popular are QuickBooks Online and Desktop version. Here’s a quick comparison of the 2 versions so you can pick the version right for your business.

Quickbooks Online

  • Quickbooks Online is your Business Management Cloud. A host of Intuit applications and services come together in the cloud to provide you with a platform to run your small business, manage your finances and gain insight into your business.
  • Quickbooks Online is becoming a more and more popular method of accounting. Even though Quickbooks is well known for its desktop software, it is becoming increasingly more popular as an online tool. We are able to use our browser or even the app on our phones to enter timesheets, log expenses and manage customers and transactions.
  • Quickbooks Online is live, real-time, cloud-based accounting software. This makes it different from Quickbooks Desktop, the desktop administrative software.

Quickbook Desktop

  • Quickbooks desktop is a great invoicing tool that can help you become more efficient and earn more from your business. It will allow you to send invoices, track times and expenses online, pay bills online, and store client information so that you can focus on running your business.
  • Quickbooks desktop is one of the best accounting programs for small business accounting and bookkeeping. Point-of-sale, invoicing, inventory, purchasing and more can be easily managed by using this program. Its easy to learn and use for micro businesses.

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