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Frequently asked questions about Sapphire hair transplantation

If you are looking for a good hair transplant clinic, chances are you have come across the name “Sapphire”. If you have been looking for the Best Hair Transplant in Udaipur or wondered about a surgical procedure called “Sapphire laser in hair transplants”, you are certainly not alone. This article explains what it is and who is best suited for this treatment.

Who is most suited for Sapphire hair transplantation?  

Sapphire is one of the best and latest techniques for hair transplantation. It has been invented by DHT surgeons to be used in Norwood Class VI hair loss. Hair transplantation is a remarkable process which uses FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, wherein professional surgeons only extract individual grafts from the donor area then implant them into the recipient area. There are many types of hair transplantation procedures.

However, Sapphire is an exclusive technique that is done only by select doctors who have undergone a long training period. This is why patients must be extremely careful and cautious before selecting a Hair Transplant surgeon, especially in such a super-specialized procedure as Sapphire Botanical Hair Transplant, who should be a Phd/MD norwood VI patient and have treated hundreds of similar cases. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for hair transplantation. This is regardless of whether one goes for follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit transplantation (FUT)! In addition, that’s where Sapphire comes handy. You can get these services at Udaipur Hair Transplant.

How does the Sapphire transplant process work?

The Sapphire Specialist Hair Transplant Process was developed using three fundamental procedures: Follicular Unit Extraction, Follicular Unit Transplantation, and Follicular Unit Grafting. The three processes work together to bring you the highest quality hair restoration results. Your donor area is the target for treatment, from where a trained surgeon will harvest hair follicles not used in the natural process to grow your hair. It’s common to experience improved density after undergoing this procedure due to the multiple procedures being performed.


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