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Things you need to know about Distribution board

A distribution board is one such thing that we all come across every day, but have slightly limited knowledge about its functions. So, today we will discuss a few questions related to this topic. What is a distribution board? The main function of the distribution board is to distribute power to different areas of the building. It facilitates electric current supply to different devices and appliances using AC power through the main incoming line. Without a good working distribution board, it can result in hazardous consequences or even accidents. Distribution boards are an integral part of any electrical system. Electrical systems in commercial and residential entities get their power from a main source and then distributed to various devices that require it, such as lights and plugs. For the optimal operation of all equipment and appliances, the power distribution needs to be maintained properly. Distribution boards come with different functionalities and power ratings which can be decided by a safety-conscious consumer or electrician beforehand. A distribution board is the most crucial part of your electrical connections. It is the starting point for all your wiring, appliances and devices. Majorly, a distribution board comes in two categories:

1. Single Door Distribution Board

2. Double Door Distribution Board


A fuse is the most basic and simplest type of device that is used to protect any sort of electrical setup and it doesn’t allow overcurrent to pass through your circuitry. In the case of overcurrent, the fuse automatically shuts down the major supply preventing your appliances and any sort of electrical danger at your home or at your office or home. The fuse is an integral part of every distribution board and circuit breaker. A distribution board is the thing that powers your lights, fans, and other electrical devices. These must be installed in a proper manner. They must not be cleaned using water as this could result in damage to the distribution board. They must not be installed near water or steam, as this could impair their functionality. The heat from cooking appliances should also not interfere with the functioning of the distribution board.

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