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Clinging Tips for Bone Inlay Furniture

You love the beauty of bone inlay and bought your first bone inlay furniture for your living room. But you are unable to keep it neat, clean and scratch-free. What to do now? Do you have to get rid of it? Not at all! Following some simple steps will make it easy to care for your precious piece. You can even bring out the hidden new look of your rare bone inlay furnishing.

Own a Bone Inlay Furniture

If you love the elegance of ivory, but would like for it to be a part of your life without tarnishing your peace of mind (and legal record), then bone inlay is the way to go. It is a type of art that requires knowledge and imagination — in other words, this isn’t furniture that you can find at Bright Handicraft. However, if you’re considering purchasing bone inlay furnishings to spruce up your home, whether that be in the form of custom made jewelry, Bedside table, Center Table/coffee table, Mirror Frame then you should do a little reading on how to properly take care of it. Below are some tips on how to care and preserve bone inlay furniture so that its beauty will last.

What is Bone Inlay Furniture

Bone inlay is a craft that was used in times past and has now been reinvigorated. Bone Inlay has the capacity to beautify any surface (even walls) with its rich texture. The name bone inlay generally refers to tusk or tooth of animal or shell inlays into a surface which is commonly done for furniture and other architectural decorations. Today, it is possible to get modern bone inlay furniture by using computer-driven machine that makes lovely designs of bones and shells.

Caring Tips for Bone inlay Furniture

Designing a space with inlaid bone furniture is a way to bring a royal touch in the interiors. While buying these products, keep in mind that they are made from bone and wooden. To keep your inlay pieces both shining and durable, you need to perform some easy but regular care works. Plain dusting with cotton cloth is a must; and in some cases, wiping-off with a damp cloth might be needed as well. Handle the items with care and shift them gently to avoid any sort of damage during the process. The following tips will help you create a clean and healthy environment for your valuable products. Bone inlaid decorative items are very delicate and need to be cared for properly. In order to care for these wooden items, you will have to clean them using specific cleaning products like cleaners for bone inlay furniture. Use mild cleaners that are made specifically for bone inlay furniture and gently clean them. Keep away from water or don’t clean with water or wet cloth. Avoid excessive cleaning with a wet or overly moist cloth. Rather clean with a dry or a slightly damp cloth and do not clean furiously.


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