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Best Automation Equipments Manufacturing Company in India

Looking for best Automation Equipments Manufacturing Company in India. Pyrotech India is one of the best Automation Equipment Supplier, Manufacturer and Distributer in India. Pyrotech is a leading firm in India which provides Automation Equipment solutions to its customers. Pyrotech has expertise in different areas such as Automatic Machinery, CNC Machine Tools and Electrical Control System with over 46 years of experience in Industry. Pyrotech offers wide range of automation solutions to meet our clients’ needs and strengthens their competitive edge by providing them innovative solutions like: IT Solution, Junction Box, Video Wall, UV Disinfection Box Manufacturer and many more.

Pyrotech is the largest manufacturer of Automation and Control equipments in India. Pyrotech has a rich history in providing high-quality products and services to customers, our strengths lie in highly skilled people, well trained professionals who are always ready for challenges, professionalism and innovation.

We understand that automation and control equipments are one of the parts which are necessary to make a business run smoothly. We also understand that when it comes to buying these equipments, it is tough to find a place where you can trust your money with. We, thus, feel proud to be a trusted name among most of the individuals who have been in need of equipment at affordable prices.

We have an exceptional multi-disciplinary array of products, which are available to meet your requirements – all at competitive prices. We have the expertise and capabilities to support our customers in their product customisation needs like Panels, Enclosures, Computer Consoles, Videowalls, Control Room solutions, Sensors and Electronic products.

Our company has been engaged in the development, manufacturing and supply of automated equipments for more than 46 years. We are proud to say that we have been a trusted business partner to many companies from around the world. Our specialized products meet diverse needs of industrial users who are demanding higher quality, lower cost, faster production, efficiency and reliability at reasonable prices.

Come and visit us at Pyrotech PVT, to know more about our Automation equipments.


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