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All About Electrical Panels

The most important part of your house’s electrical system is the panel. This is where all the wires are connected. The panel controls all over the electricity, whether you have lights, appliances and more controlled by this panel. It also helps to organize electrical current when there is a problem so that it automatically shuts off.

Electrical panels are found in every residential home and commercial property. Most homes have at least one panel inside, but some might have more. The main panel is the one that controls the power for all of your appliances, lights, and devices. The first time you open the panel, it might seem confusing and some of the wiring located within could be unclear because there are lots or wire and connections.

Electrical panels are metal boxes and have a grey/silver colour scheme. They’re usually embedded in a wall somewhere in your home. Most commonly, they’re inside a garage or basement near the switches — behind an exterior door or an interior door — that provide power to those devices. Electrical panels are normally not visible to most people while they’re doing their daily tasks around the house and yard. But when you need them, like when our house needs electrical work done, it’s important to know where they are — and how to get them open.

A circuit breaker is a device that cuts off power to a home or office when too much current flows through it. Circuit breakers trip when they sense an overload and can protect against electrical surges. If they didn’t trip, overloaded circuits could start fires or electrocute someone.

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