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Let’s Sleep Under Sky – Marvin Desert Camp

Let’s Sleep Under Sky – Marvin Desert Camp is a luxury tent designed for those who want the perfect blend of comfort and minimalism, design and efficiency. From exploring the world, to curating a travel wardrobe, to planning adventures and treks into the great outdoors — we do it all. We want to inspire you with our photos and stories of travels around the world. Let’s Sleep Under the Sky is a unique camp experience set in a semi-arid landscape, offering visitors an authentic desert experience. Marvin Desert Camp provides guests with modern accommodations and includes all meals as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, laundry facilities and playgrounds for the kids, and powered electricity. Book Jaisalmer desert camp at affordable rates.

A fleeting moment of sweet communion with God. Let’s hold hands and walk in the starry night sky together. Let’s play music and dance under the moonlight, touch each other’s skin to feel sacred joy and ecstasy. The natural beauty of the site is what makes this place so special. The sunset is amazing especially when it happens right in front of your eyes. If you want to spend quality time with your kids and at the same time, do some fun things with them then Marvin Desert Camp is the best option for you. We will make sure you get a quality experience at the camp. The desert is such an amazing place and if you want to make the most of it, then we can help you.

If you are looking for best desert camps in Jaisalmer the chances are that you will have to stay in Marvin Desert Camp. This is an amazing place to stay where you get to enjoy the beauty of a very special place while at the same time watching the sun setting gracefully into the western sky over the dunes of Rajasthan. It will be a unique experience which every visitor to Jaisalmer must try on at least once in their lifetime.

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