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What Are the Features That Define a Real Luxury Hotel?

Luxury is an increasingly subjective term, and given that, it’s hard to define exactly what makes a hotel truly luxurious. Is it the service? The amenities? The decor? While each of these are valid measures, they don’t fully capture the essence of a luxury experience. Instead, luxury is defined by the intangible feeling one gets when entering a space.

We are going to begin with the most common feature that defines all luxury hotels. It is their five-star status. All luxury hotels have a five-star rating. If not, then it is not a luxury hotel.

What About the Other Features?

There are other features too that give a luxury hotel a five-star rating. To understand them, let’s first know what a luxury hotel is. A luxury hotel is basically a very high-end hotel that provides top notch services to its guests at all times. It offers guests amenities like no other hotel does and these amenities make guest experience even more immersive and pleasurable.

Things are so pleasurable that some people do not want to leave the hotel after their stay and want to remain there for the whole life.

Times Square Hotel Bhuj is a 5 Star Luxury hotel in Bhuj, Gujarat which is located close to the popular city at walking distance. The hotel has got beautifully designed rooms and suites which are equipped with modern amenities and facilities. It is one of the Best hotel in bhuj.

Some of the features that common in all luxury hotels are given below:

– Five-star status

– Top notch services

– 24/7 guest support

– World-class facilities

– grand lobbies

– pianos

– chandeliers

– marble floors

– large and comfortable rooms

 – private bathrooms

– top-of-the-line toiletries

 – daily housekeeping

– turndown service

– 24-hour room service

– in-room dining

 – laundry service

– valet parking

– concierge service

 – business center

– fitness center

– spa

– swimming pool

– bar

– restaurant


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