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Compact Substation by Pyrotech India

Pyrotech India is a well-known manufacturer of Compact Substation and transformer in Udaipur, India. It is an organization with a mission to strengthen the electrical safety through innovative designs and compact equipment for all types of industries. Pyrotech India has made significant advancements in technology with the aim of providing better products that are more reliable, stronger and efficient than their competitors

A compact substation transformer (CSS) is a special type of transformer which consists of all the basic equipment needed for power conversion such as a voltage regulator (V.R), voltage switch and breaker, a displacement selective circuit, an L.B.S., Dry Type Transformer and so forth. A CSS has all these primary and secondary line devices in one compact structure that can be simply taken to any place easily. In addition to these, a CSS also comes equipped with circuit protection relays (CPRs), automatic reset devices that prevent massive overloads during alternate excitation operations, etc. all within a small size without adding unnecessary complexity in remote areas where it’s required.

Our Compact Substation can be designed and customised to different sizes and configurations to fulfill the customer’s requirements.


  • Designed for indoor installation close to their point of use at the center of the major load consumers.
  • These transformers are combined with their primary and secondary switchgear and distribution boards into compact substations that are installed directly at their point of use.
  • This reduces construction requirements, cable costs, transmission losses and installation costs.
  • Transformer is fitted with three temperature sensors installed in the LV winding, and a solid-state tripping device with relay output.
  • It can be mounted on a rooftop (for dry type transformer) where you want the power supply.

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