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Which hair colour brand is the best and harmless?

The truth is that hair colour brands are just that — brands! There isn’t one answer for what’s best. It’s not easy for your followers to find the new hair colour of your choice, especially, if they are looking for good quality and legal shades. Most brands on the market will carry dangerous dyes onContinue reading “Which hair colour brand is the best and harmless?”


How to Get a Dark Henna Stain in 4 Easy Steps

I’ve applied henna all over my body, and when it comes to stains there are many factors to consider. Sometimes a henna plant is naturally redder than others, some people’s skin tans more than others, and the final stain color is determined by additives such as thickeners, essential oils/perfumey oils, and chemical dyes. If you’reContinue reading “How to Get a Dark Henna Stain in 4 Easy Steps”