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Full Body Health Checkup

A healthy body is a happy body. The key to having a healthy body is to have a full body health checkup from time to time and catch any problems before they become big and serious. Everybody knows this and yet we often neglect our own bodies and get complacent about making sure we areContinue reading “Full Body Health Checkup”

What Is Sonography? What Is The Difference Between Sonography And Ultrasound?

Sonography is a great technique of medical imaging that uses sound waves of high-frequency so that body’s internal structure images can be produced. Sonography is also called Ultrasonography. After taking an X-ray, ultrasound is used the most as an effective technique of diagnostic imaging. Arth Diagnostic Center is the best diagnostic lab in Udaipur thatContinue reading “What Is Sonography? What Is The Difference Between Sonography And Ultrasound?”

The vital role of Diagnostic Test Services in healthcare

In many years, Diagnostic innovations have transformed medical practice in many countries. Diagnosis supports enhancing patient care, protecting the health of patients, and also can help in limiting the spending on healthcare. Arth Diagnostic Center is one of the best Diagnostic labs in Udaipur that is highly growing in South Rajasthan. We use the latestContinue reading “The vital role of Diagnostic Test Services in healthcare”